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motivation letter university writerHaving the best motivation letter is no joke. It’s not the easiest task to do so because it entails having to concentrate on who you really are and to portray it in a creative process. Moreover, most people are never given an orientation to motivational letter writing.

So when it comes to delivering a great motivational letter, they find it hard and pretty intense! That’s why accessing the services of a motivation letter writer can be extremely useful.

Common Struggles People Face During Admission Process

letter of motivation internship helpAdmission process is tough for most of the applicants. So much rules and requirements to follow and remember. This is why most of them start looking for a good writing service to help them out. In fact, here are some of the common struggles people face while writing their motivation letters:

  • Focusing too much on yourself: Many people tend to focus too much on themselves especially when writing their cv motivation letter. They will blabber on about how their life is ABC or D instead of focusing on how they can assist the company with the given job.
  • Sharing every detail of every single job you’ve ever had: This is another common mistake we see in motivational letters. People tend to share every detail about their previous jobs without really having a filter of what should or should not be included. You need to take it easy and share just enough information to warrant a great motivational letter.
  • Writing about something uncomfortable: There is this common mistake that most people do of writing about the reasons why they are applying for the job or position. For example, they may say something like they are a little strapped for cash. This may really come out as desperate and a hiring manager might think twice about employing you.
  • Writing a novel: Here’s another problem that most people face. Writing a biograpraphy about yourself is a no-go zone. The hiring manager will probably get bored with the content half way through and may fail to consider you for the position.
  • Rehashing your resume: Rehashing your resume is rewriting your resume in your motivational letter. What this means is that you include all the content of your resume into your motivational letter instead of writing something unique about you. This is quite a ‘turn-of’ to the hiring manager when they are having a look at it and trying to figure
  • Being too trite: This means that you are using phrases that will literally make the hiring manager cringe when they are reading your motivational letter. These include phrases such as ‘I’d like to apply for the position…’ etc. are extreme no-go zones. So always make sure you avoid them totally.
  • Flattering the company too much: Don’t throw yourself at the company. It shouldn’t feel as if you are attempting to beg them for the job by saying that you have admired them for a long time. Just make it feel easy, simple, and natural while you admire them.
  • Not looking out for typos: Ensure to go over your content and make sure that there are no typos present that may affect the flow of content and also convey a negative attitude towards the hiring manager.

List of the Services Our Motivation Letter Writer Can Handle

cv motivation letter editingHere is the list of some of the excellent services we offer to assist you in obtaining the best motivation letter or CV today for an affordable price and with the most amazing guarantees and benefits provided by our expert writers and editors:

  • Writing: We offer excellent writing assistance to ensure that you receive high quality content for your motivational letter
  • Editing: Cover letter Editing is the process of ensuring that the content of the motivation letter is perfect in terms of meeting the objectives as well as ensuring that the content is very descriptive.
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is the art of going over the motivational letter to eliminate any syntax and semantic errors that are present. This is to ensure that there is efficient flow of content.
  • Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is rewrite content in a way that is unique but maintaining the initial message or points of the content.
  • Formatting: Formatting is the process of following the correct flow and structured guidelines of a given institution. We provide the best format of letter of motivation services around.

List of the Kind of Letters Written by Our Motivation Letter Writer

Here are some of the letters that are written by our writers:

  • Application letter: An application letter is a letter that you write in order to apply for a given job opening or also to apply for a given position in an institution.
  • Referral cover letter: A referral cover letter is an application to a given job opening using the name of the person who referred you to the given job.
  • Letter of interest: This is a letter specifically written to inquire about the possibility of a job opening in a given company.
  • Networking letter: Networking letters are specifically written to request for job search advice and to further receive job assistance.
  • Value proposition letter: A value proposition letter is one that you write in order to single yourself out as a candidate and make you unique.

That being said, you can access all our motivational letter writing services to assist you on how to write motivation letter, and have the content expertly delivered in due time. We assist in writing within the following categories:

  • Letter of motivation internship
  • Motivation letter job
  • IT motivation letter
  • Motivation letter university

So get in touch with us today, and our motivation letter writer will assist you in receiving the best quality content to improve your chances of application success!